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our story

My 10th year was approaching at the “corporate” establishment that I had managed and I was completely burnt out and bored with all the “political” madness & mayhem.  When I was younger, I didn’t mind climbing the corporate ladder but as I was older I didn't mind just sitting on a step.

In September 2019, I decided that it was time to make a change. I decided to go into business for myself and like a light bulb coming on, out of nowhere I made the decision to bake. I knew it would feel fulfilling for me in the end. I contemplated and researched my idea to no end with doors opening and closing throughout my journey process.

my passion.

Now, no one really knew that I had a “baking bone” in me as when I was growing up, I had baked privately for friends, family, and church functions on the side. No one knew, because there wasn’t a social media platform at that time. March 2020 came and so did my vacation. Everything had been premeditated, calculated, and determined. Or so, I thought! I took my vacation the first week of March, returned on a Saturday, put in my two weeks resignation, and boom, it happened! 

 Two days after my resignation, the pandemic hit. What!?

To sum it up, things happen for a reason. I kept my head high and trusted God to guide my footsteps on my journey to bring something new and exciting to the town where I was born and raised. Sweet ThingZ Cupcakery Boutique opened its doors, on August 17th, 2020 with delightful Gourmet Cupcakes being the main sweets to brighten our community’s lives. My passion and dedication drive me daily. From the smiles on my guests’ faces, the events I help make memorable, or the bougee vibe when you enter the shop, it’s all about the “experience” you feel & taste from Sweet ThingZ Cupcakery Boutique. Sometimes, you just want a lil’ sumthin’ sweet to eat and we’ve got it!

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